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Is spring cleaning – the annual rite of home purification embraced by good housekeepers and neatniks everywhere – a thing of the past? Does the old ritual still have a place in the busy two-career household of today?

In today’s busy world, even those weekly surface cleanings are hard to squeeze in.  However, your home’s not cleaning itself! The longer you delay, the more the grime is accumulating!

Here’s a thought for you. Hand off the job to the cleaning professionals at Arcely’s Cleaning Service. Our house cleaning professionals will clear out the winter buildup of dust, grime, mildew and dirt, at surprisingly affordable prices. From washing windows and cleaning drapes to carpet and upholstery cleaning and washing mini blinds, our cleaning specialists will tackle your most formidable tasks.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • A Gunk-Free Microwave. With a regular cleaning, your maid will wipe down your microwave’s interior and exterior. A deep cleaning service goes the extra mile to make sure that all the food build-up inside the microwave is thoroughly scrubbed off.
  • Sanitized Small Appliances. Your toaster, coffee maker, and other small appliances get dirty and collect germs over time. Deep cleanings make sure that these appliances are clean and sanitary for use.
  • A Clean Trash Can. The exterior of your trash can builds up a lot of dirt and grime over time. When you schedule a deep cleaning, this build-up will get scrubbed off and your trash can will be more sanitary.
  • A Cleaner Stove. When you cook, food particles tend to get trapped in the space beneath your burner. Deep cleaning services get this burnt food off, which leaves your stove looking and smelling better.
  • Clean Baseboards. Baseboards catch a lot of dust. When a maid does a deep cleaning of your home, this dust will get cleaned off.


Chicago Kitchen Deep Cleaning
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Bathroom Cleaning

  • No Cobwebs. Sometimes, spiders like to build their webs in the corners of your bathroom. A deep cleaning will remove these spiderwebs from your bathroom.

  • Cleaner Light Fixtures. Light fixtures accumulate dust over time, which is unsightly and can contaminate your breathing air. Deep cleaning services go the extra mile to make sure that your bathroom light fixtures are extra clean.

  • Sanitized Cabinet Services. With a regular cleaning, your maid will spot clean your cabinet fronts, but your cabinets will be thoroughly wiped down during a deep cleaning.

  • Clean Baseboards. Just like your kitchen, your bathroom baseboards will be cleaned during deep cleaning services.

Bedrooms, Living Room and MORE

  • Clean Light Fixtures. Just like in your bathroom, the light fixtures in other rooms can accumulate a lot of dust. Deep cleanings will remove this dust and any other dirt.

  • Dusted Ceiling Fans. Have you ever looked up and seen just how much dust is on your ceiling fans? For reachable ceiling fans, a maid will clean off all this dust during a deep cleaning.

  • Clean Doors. Doors get touched by dirty hands a lot, and a deep cleaning will get all of this grime of your doors. You’ll also get the benefit of clean door frames.

  • Dust-free Window Sills and Blinds. Just like many other surfaces in your home, window sills, ledges, and blinds tend to collect dust and dirt over time. A deep cleaning service will get all this dirt and dust off so that your blinds and sills are actually white again.

  • More Thorough Vacuumings. You’ll always get your floor vacuumed during a maid visit. However, a deep cleaning makes sure that all cracks and crevices are thoroughly vacuumed. This includes carpet edges, stairs, the areas underneath easily-moveable furniture, and the crevices of your couch.

  • Cleaned and Polished Banisters. If you have stairs, a maid will clean the banister and polish it if it’s wooden when deep cleaning.

  • Clean Baseboards. And of course, the baseboards in all rooms will be cleaned during a deep cleaning service.

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